sketch jazz! 

I love music, especially Jazz. So I go to concerts to sketch the musicians. Every concert is different, each musician is different. Sometimes it´s so dark, I can hardly see and I really have to be quick to catch the spirit I feel. When I´m really struck by the music I take the sketches as basis for other artwork. And I´m always looking forward to the next concert. Due to Covid and streaming-concerts I started to change my sketch technique to digital sketching.

International Jazzday, Enjoy Jazz, Mannheim, April 2021: Alexandra Lehmler, Apollonio Maiello, Claus Boesser-Ferrari, Erwin Ditzner, Fadhel Boubaker, Jo Bartmes, Jutta Glaser, Lömsch Lehman, Matthias Tc Debus

Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, Kathrinpreis 2020, Luise Volkmann: Conni Trieder, Matthias Muche, Dominik Mahnig, Florian Walter, Florian Herzog, Heidi Bayer, Kei Su Ke, Jan Frisch, Sebastian Gille

Le Comptoir:  Bruno Angelini  and Daniel Erdmann

Live-Stream, Salon de Jazz, Jens-Düppe-Quartett: Jens Düppe, Frederik Köster, Lars Duppler, Christian Ramond

Les Live de L'OUVRE-BOÎTE, Bruno Angelini: Piano solo, "Leone Alone"

Konzertreihe "Into the Shed", Berlin: Liz Kosack-Dan, Peter Sundland, Steve Heather

Konzertreihe "Into the Shed", Berlin: Taiko Saito, Niko Meinhold