sketch jazz! 

I love music, especially Jazz. So I go to concerts to sketch the musicians. Every concert is different, each musician is different. Sometimes it´s so dark, I can hardly see and I really have to be quick to catch the spirit I feel. When I´m really struck by the music I take the sketches as basis for other artwork. And I´m always looking forward to the next concert. 

Alte Oper Frankfurt: Joachim Kühn, Michael Wollny

dazz Festival 2023, Förderverein Jazz, Kancha Lanka Koalition: Julian Datta, Rafael Espinoza, Javier Reyes, Richard Koch

dazz Festival 2023, Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, THE CLARINET TRIO: Gebhard Ullmann, Jürgen Krupke, Michael Thieke